Workshop „Cross-Border Shared Cultural Heritage“, 10-12 December,Tirana

The very last workshop in the frame of the GEI-project was held in Tirana on „shared cultural heritage“ from 10-12 December 2015 with old and new participants from Macedonia and Albania. The seminar was conceptualised and executed by Darko Stojanov and Petar Todorov from the Institute of National History and Kosta Giakoumis from the University of New York in Tirana.

With teachers from both countries, we exchanged experiences of excursions with pupils and their educational objectives before concrete cross-border excursions on cultural heritage were developed in small international working groups.One group used a song in Macedonian and Bulgarian language linking Ohrid (Macedonia) with Berat (Albania) in order to talk about shared heritage of Balkan music. Another group created ideas on excursions to Krushevo in Macedonia and Gjirokastra in Albania. The third group wrote down a proposal of an excursion to Elbasan in Albania and Ohrid in Macedonia.

The next day, we asked pupils of the New York High School in Tirana about their positive and negative experiences with excursions and their suggestions. Afterwards, a proposal on a cross-boarder three-days-excursion was developed with all participants. It is a suggestion how to use an excursion to Elbasan and Ohrid and teach about shared cultural heritage. Hopefully, the material will be used for  further work and concrete projects will be established independent from a project at GEI.

Read more about the workshop here.

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