The Georg Eckert Institute awards short-term research fellowships of between four and six weeks‘ duration. Applications should be submitted by post or, preferably, by email before 15 September of a given year for fellowships in the following year. Further details on the application procedure here.

The following people spend two to four weeks at the institute for individual research in the institute’s library and will contribute to the international textbook research with their findings. Their stay was financed by the Foreign office within the project on Albanian-language textbooks in south-eastern Europe.



Shkelqim Millaku (Kosovo) 9.7.-10.8.13

Enriketa Pandelejmoni (Albania) 2.9.-2.10.13 Report

Shkelzen Gashi (Kosovo) 7.10.-3.11.13

Denis Vuka (Greece/Germany) 18.11.-18.12.13 Report



Erika Bozzato (Italy/Germany) 8.1.-5.2.14 Report

Denis Vuka (Greece) 10.2.-28.2.14 Report

Darko Stojanov (Macedonia) 10.03.-6.04.14 Report

Vahida Ramujkić (Serbia) 24.3.-18.4.14 Report

Fatmiroshe Xhemalaj (Albania) 14.-25.4.14 Report

Ndrec Përlleshi (Kosovo) 5.-16.5.14

Konstantinos Giakoumis (Albania/Greece) 14.07.-13.08.14 Report

Petar Todorov (Macedonia) 1.-22.8.14 Report

Shkëlzen Gashi (Kosovo) 24.11.-17.12.14

Denis Vuka (Greece) 8.-19.12.14



Durim Abdullahu (Kosovo) 22.2.-22.3.2015 Report

Bogdan Trifunović (Serbia/Poland) 5.-21.6.2015

Eva Nita (Albania) 5.-28.6.2015

Smilja Mrdja (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 10.-25.7.2015

Leo Valenta (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 10.-25.7.2015

Darko Stojanov (Macedonia) 10.-30.8.2015

Kosta Giakoumis (Albania) 10.-30.8.2015


Photo by Marek Kruszewski/GEI


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